Vivince is an event design and planning studio, based in Park City, Utah.  Founded and operated by Joe Urankar (an installation artist trained in architecture, with years of luxury hospitality and event experience), Vivince was born out of a passion for building immersive event experiences that are brought to life through multidisciplinary creative collaborations and a transformation of space.  At our core, we continue to be led by the belief that thoughtfully designed events provide an opportunity to not only entertain or educate, but to create a shared experience that shifts people out of their element and into a new perspective.

This mission to transform a guest’s frame of mind reaches beyond just decorating a venue space. Vivince serves as the creative director, coordinating an exclusive network of performers, chefs, artists, and vendors to design dynamic and unexpected ways of presenting our clients’ objectives.  We plan unique and exciting events, through an art-driven and collaborative process.  Most importantly, though, we’re here to ensure the planning is as effortless as possible for the host; allowing them to be a guest at their own party, while we find the innovative and authentic ways to capture their style.

Take our Blank Canvas edition of the Vivince Event Series as an example of how we operate: The event was a multidisciplinary experiential design project which turned a former lumber yard into a pop-up dance lounge and showcase for visual and performing artists.  From surprise performances that started in the parking lot to live interactive painting, a dress code and an immersive installation, we designed the evening to entice our guests into becoming more than just passive observers, but active participants in the mission of the organization they were supporting.  The series serves another key function in setting Vivince apart: it keeps our team lean and resourceful, regularly executing innovative concepts within limited fundraising parameters.

This is an efficiency we bring to every event, harnessing the talent of our network to captivate guests with unique and artful designs that responsibly address the hosts’ objectives.  In turn, Vivince is the platform from which our clients have the confidence to dive into an exhilarating experience.


At Vivince, we begin all of our endeavors by asking this question: who are you when you’re happy? Think back to your moments of true joy: were you traveling or dancing? Socializing or indulging in something delicious? Where does the clock stop and you or your brand come fully alive? Through this process of discovery we unpack all of your dreams for what the event will be, as well as what purpose it will serve, so that we can fully understand the scope of who you are, what you want to create, and how we can bring those things together.

Once we get to know you and your goals for the event, we set out to design a captivating and artful way of meeting those objectives. We will harness your authentic character to envision an experience that is immersive, exciting, and unexpected.

Tapping into our creative community is at the heart of how we’re able to succeed – a jack of all trades is a master of none, and that is why we value partnership and collaboration in realizing our events. Through choosing Vivince, you are choosing not only our creative direction, but our exclusive network and access to dynamic talent; industry leaders whose expertise we’ll secure and leverage to ensure your event is as engaging and entertaining possible.

This is where the fun begins! We’ll work with this curated team to bring your vision and the design agenda to life; rallying together to begin fabricating a customized experience that translates your passions, objectives, and moments of joy into the event space. Through tastings and mockups, we begin testing our ideas and refining the final product, so you can review how the elements will come together.

From the beginning of the planning process to the moment you close the doors, we want you to be a guest at your own party, watching the creativity, fun, and excitement unfold at each turn. With the information we’ve gathered and advance production complete, our job is to bring it all together, so that you can have the space and peace of mind to enjoy yourself and be fully present.