Creating the Vivince Event Series

Creating the Vivince Event Series

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A personal letter from our founder Joseph Urankar about the meaning and creation of the Vivince Event Series:


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As an event planner and designer, I have the unique privilege of interacting with a wide range of our community: people from every demographic, every stage of their lives and ambitions, and almost every industry.  I get to see their talent, their energy, and excitement. I get to support the company they may just be starting or celebrating the one they have already seen into success. What amazes me most though, is how much these people have to offer each other, yet how few well-designed events exist to bring them together.

I’ve asked myself why we haven’t consistently seen designed gatherings here, why the amazing people I meet don’t have an equally amazing experience to attend. It’s not because we don’t have the resources locally or the interest to create exceptionally designed experiences.  We already have everything we need. What we have lacked is someone with the motivation, vision, and time to pull it all together. As I launch Vivince, I want my company to be a driving force behind bringing the talent of our community together in an exciting manner, while finding ways to support and cultivate local creatives.

This is how my idea for the Vivince Event Series was born – One charitable event a month where entrepreneurs, thought leaders, artists, patrons, really anyone can come together to be a part of an environment that is exciting, entertaining, and well crafted. I want the series to be a space that blends and empowers our social, philanthropic, and professional interests in unique and engaging ways.  These are curated and artful experiences with a cause, showcases of local talent, opportunities to exchange ideas, places to find new partners or patrons, platforms to cultivate growth in the community; and chances to actually enjoy ourselves while we do it.

For the businesses and charities involved, we would bring together a significant and unique coalition of marketing resources.  Photography and videography from each event (capturing the talent, product, and excitement of everyone involved) would provide usable high-quality content – imagery that the collective strength of our various marketing and PR firms could use to extend the excitement and engagement we create in person beyond the limit of a single evening.

As each collaborator shares the successes of the others, we create a buzz that no one company or charity could have individually generated. We create a portfolio of experiences that are coveted, by celebrating, showcasing, and cultivating the strength of our creative community in ways that are just plain fun.


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