A Man’s Involvement in the Wedding: A Wedding Checklist

A Man’s Involvement in the Wedding: A Wedding Checklist

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You’ve heard the stereotype:

the soon-to-be groom has to be pleaded with and practically begged to participate in wedding planning. That may be true for some, but today we’re celebrating organized, ambitious men who are just as excited; just as willing. We’ve compiled a checklist to help you stay on track of the necessary details. 



9-12 Months Before the Big Day

❑ Determine your budget 

❑ Choose your Best Men

❑ Hire your wedding planner. May we recommend: Vivince Event Services

❑ Start your guest list

❑ Decide on your venue

❑ Book your officiant

❑ Research your vendors

❑ Set your date 

7-8 Months Before the Big Day

❑ Hire your photographer and/or videographer

❑ Book the entertainment

❑ Meet with your caterers

❑ Book your honeymoon accommodations

❑ Order your tux

6-7 Months Before the Big Day

❑ Reserve the add-ons like additional seating or lighting

❑ Send save-the-dates

❑ Meet with officiant

❑ Arrange transportation for yourself and your guests

❑ Start planning your honeymoon itinerary 

4-5 Months Before the Big Day

❑ Book the rehearsal dinner venue

❑ Order your wedding cake

❑ Purchase your wedding shoes and cufflinks

❑ Send a playlist to your entertainment

❑ Purchase the rings

2-3 Months Before the Big Day

❑ Finalize your menu

❑ Finalize the readings

❑ Send your event schedule to all vendors

❑ Order favors, if desired

1 Month Before the Big Day

❑ Submit a wedding announcement to the newspaper

❑ Get your marriage license

❑ Sort through your RSVP’s and finalize your guest list

❑ Assign Seating

❑ Meet with vendors to confirm details

❑ Purchase gifts for your groomsmen.

❑ Stock the bar

❑ Get your haircut

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